Is there a way to re-print Journal Entries created by Easy e-Bank Rec Automation?

There are two options which are outlined below.

Reprinting from Dynamics GP Financial:

  1. In Dynamics GP navigate to:  Reports | Financial |Bank Posting Journals
  2. Select either the day posted (per example: 8/07/2018) or chose the Audit Trails and select the series that were just processed.
  3. Click on “Destination” to choose Printer or Screen.

Re-printing with SmartList:

  1. In Dynamics GP navigate to: Reports | SmartList | Financial |Bank Transactions | Columns
  2. Select the columns to add:
    1. Posted Date
    2. CM Trx Number
    3. Audit Trail Code
    4. Any additional columns of interest
  3. Be sure to click “Add”.
  4. Select Fields
  5. Save the new search criteria by option in Favorites, create a new name and then click “Add”.Click on “Search” and select the day of the transactions needed.

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