August 2023 – Enhancements

Microsoft Dynamics eConnect has been enabled and is required in Easy e-Bank Rec. Using eConnect, the following features are now enabled:

Multicurrency Support

Nonfunctional currency Checkbooks, where the Functional currency was set to USD and a default currency was not equal to USD (i.e., CAD), had the following limitations:

  • No Automated transactions (Override GL)
  • No D button for difference
  • No N button for re numbering
  • No U button for paid not issued

[With the use of eConnect, all these limitations no longer exist.]

Analytical Accounting (AA) Support

  • If AA is enabled in Dynamics GP, the default AA tables for each entry is created.
  • By default, in Dynamics GP, when you created a transaction anywhere and if AA is enabled, the said transaction will have an empty record created in all the necessary tables (AAGxxxxx). Easy e-Bank Rec did not support enabled AA in GP.

[This limitation is now removed, all transactions have the tables records now created.]

Historical Year Posting Support

  • Dynamics GP allows you to post in a closed year if the option is selected in the Dynamics GP setup.
  • Easy e-Bank Rec has not supported this feature and would not post to any historical year even if allowed in Dynamics GP.

[This limitation is now removed, Easy e-Bank Rec will post in historical years.]

Binary Stream MEM Support

  • Easy e-Bank Rec did not insert the necessary field attributes in the MEM tables causing records to be fixed with a MEM utility by the end user.

[Easy e-Bank Rec will now insert the proper fields in the Binary Stream MEM tables as necessary, when MEM is enabled and the MEM segment is identified.]

Automated Transactions Processed through eConnect

  • This means the Service (Microsoft Dynamics eConnect) must be running on the client work station.
  • eConnect will never post through the GL.
  • All Easy e-Bank Rec batches created will start with 0EB and will have to be posted manually in the Financial Series. If you wish to automate this, we suggest using the Master Posting software by Envisage.

Use of Registration Keys No Longer Required

  • Easy e-Bank Rec installation required writing the registration keys in the registry of the local machine with local admin permissions.
  • The end user or installer will no longer be required to request any keys. Keys will be managed centrally.
  • To register our software, go to the ‘About’ window in Easy e-Bank Rec and click Update Registration.
  • Upon expiration, the software will notify the user the software registration needs to be updated.

New Fields Added to the Maintenance Tab (under GL Account Overrides setup screen), which include:

  • Paid To / Received From:
  • Description:
  • Distribution Reference:

[Standardize entries for an Increase or Decrease Adjustment through Automated Bank Transactions.]

The Automated Bank Transactions now have a Batch Name starting with 0EBXXXXXX where XXXXXX is the Checkbook ID from GP

[Identify the Easy e-Bank Rec Batches to easily post in Financial Series Post.]

Two New Buttons available in the Bank Transaction Details window

  • PM (Payables Management) – Allows you to create a manual payment directly in Dynamics GP (only negative amounts – money out)
  • RM (Receivables Management) – Allows you to create a cash receipt directly in Dynamics GP (only positive amounts – money in)

August 2023 – Bug Fixes

Bug Fix:
Report Writer has been updated.

Bug Fix:
Under Actions (Automated Import) under certain conditions Dynamics GP and Easy e-Bank Rec would crash. This issue has been fixed.

Bug Fix:
Under Actions (Automated Import) Easy e-Bank Rec attempted to import all Checkbook IDs. It should only have imported Checkbook IDs marked as automated under Maintenance (Configure Automated Import).

Bug Fix:
Easy e-Bank Rec crashed when ONLY yellow items (Dynamics GP transactions), were selected and the Split button clicked. This has been fixed.

Bug Fix:
When we do a split with an item in the prior month our 968/969 will now be posted to the current month on the first day.

Bug Fix:
GL Account Summary tables were not updating with Automated transactions or ‘D’ Button selections. With the use of eConnect, this has been fixed.

Bug Fix:
Automated transactions posting in a closed period. With the use of eConnect, this is no longer occurring.

Bug Fix:
QBO (Quick Books Online) File issues with ‘Date-Time Stamp’ error message. This issue has been fixed.

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