Easy e-Bank Rec solves these bank reconciliation challenges in MS Dynamics GP.

Does someone at your company spend more than half-a-day per month on reconciling, matching and recording bank transactions? We offer ways to:

  • do away with the manual matching and start automatic matching of records by document number or by amount.
  • do away with the manual booking of monthly transactions and also start booking them automatically with the import.
  • do away with the mysteries of variances and start using the Reconciliation Summary Screen to find differences quickly.

Can your company concurrently view accounting entries right next to the imported bank statement?

  • Our Easy e-Bank Rec screen provides a visual representation of the accounting entries, on the left-side and the bank statement entries, on the right-side. This clearly shows what is matched and what is not, and each step of the matching & reconciling process is automatically saved.

Would automation of incoming bank transactions save time? We offer features to:

  • automatically book transactions that routinely show on the Bank statement.
  • book transactions based on BAI code, transaction type, or any part of the transaction description.
  • set up interest, ZBA’s and fees to be booked automatically.

Does your company deal with a high volume of bank transactions? Several speedy options include.:

  • Import thousands of transactions in minutes.
  • Use our visual representation to quickly see what is matched and not matched.
  • Automatically mark matched items as Reconciled in GP.

Is there a need for daily or weekly cash matching?

  • Easy imports, automation, and visual tools help match items on a daily, weekly or monthly basis so the month-end process is less stressful.

Does your company have a complex bank reconciliation process due to multiple bank accounts and/or locations, or a need to match credit card wire types and locations?

  • One BAI file can include multiple bank accounts, which can be matched through one upload and process.
  • Credit card reconciliation options to reconcile each credit card per location, within one large bank account, or a card for one location within a larger bank account.

Does your company have variance mysteries between the Dynamics GL and GP Bank Rec Modules? Our Reconciliation Summary screen:

  • Quickly identifies the variance for each module and identify where it is occurring.
  • Alerts users when one of several common oversights have occurred.
  • Provides a view for items that are in the GL and not in the bank rec module, or vice versa.

Is your company ready for more automation?

  • Automation that executes the import, matching by amount and automated bank transactions in one step.
  • Each checkbook can be configured with any combination of these steps automated, including multiple checkbooks in one GP company.
  • Automation that can be triggered at the click of a button or automatically overnight.

Contact us for exploring other ways to use Easy e-Bank Rec.

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